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24 March 2013 @ 10:55 pm
Adventures from Johto - Prologue  
Title: Adventures from Johto
Author: muohcu_t
Chapters: Prologue/?
Rating: PG-13 for now
Genre: Adventure, crossover
Parings: None, at the moment.
Warnings: None, at the moment. (Well, it’s only betaed by me.)
Disclaimer: I own only the plot. I make no money of this writing and I only do this for fun. Tatah~~
Summary: Jun wants to become a Pokémon Master, and so he settles out to defeat the Gym Leaders of Johto so he can challenge the Johto League. Though, the road is long and Jun will have to face many challenges, but he still sets out, hoping to make both new friends and new memories.
Notes: Based on the Heartgold and Soulsilver games.

Before The Adventures

It was dark and Jun knew his parents were asleep. He could hear his father’s snores from the room next to him, the same snores that he has suffered throughout his childhood. Of course he had gotten used to it as he grew up, but every once in a while when he woke up in the middle of the night, he would find trouble falling asleep again due to the snoring from the room next to his. It made him wonder how in the world his mother has managed to truthfully stay in the same bed as his father. He could only guess that’s what true love is.

He got up from his bed, startling his Growlithe awake. His Growlithe had been once given to him by a trainer who had randomly passed by when he was very young. It was his first pokémon ever and had always stayed with him as his best friend. It had even helped him whenever he had been out in the forest playing all by himself before he’d suddenly been attacked by a wild pokémon such as a Caterpie or a Rattata. His Growlithe luckily knew a couple of attacks that could harm the other wild pokémons.

That was more than what he could say for his second pokémon. Magikarp had become his when his family had one day been by the sea and he had been allowed to borrow a fishing rod from a local fisherman. Once the Magikarp bit the bait he had also been allowed to borrow a pokéball to capture it. Since then he had also had Magikarp standing firmly at his side. Or rather splashed by his side. True, his Magikarp was rather useless when it came to battles, and the only move it knew for a long while was splash, which didn’t really do anything besides keep Magikarp busy. Though, once Jun decided what he wanted to be in life he trained his Magikarp hard, and now it at least knew how to tackle the foe.

Jun had decided he wanted to become a pokémon trainer, such as the one who had given him his Growlithe. Not only did he want to be a trainer, but he wanted to be a Pokémon Master, the best of all. He had come to that thought when the Champion of the Johto League came and visited his hometown. He had been so kind and cool, that Jun had been completely stunned. That was the moment he decided he would train both Magikarp and Growlithe so they could help him achieve his dream.

But that again led to this fateful dark night he got up from bed while his parents were asleep; they did not approve of his dream. They wanted him to become a police officer just like his father was. Jun, too, had thought throughout his whole childhood that he would become a police officer, but everything had changed with the visit of the Champion, and it had made him dream bigger. But his parents wanted him to stay and study to become a police officer in the neighbouring town alongside with his Growlithe, who also could become a servant of the law. Otherwise they wouldn’t have approved of him bringing home a pokémon like that. Luckily they didn’t know anything about his Magikarp.

So Jun had prepared his journey secretly. His backpack had been packed whenever his mother hadn’t watched, and he had somehow managed to grab the hold of the map that his father kept in his office. Before he had gone to bed, he had prepared his traveling clothes he would be wearing; jeans, sneakers, a simple white long-sleeved shirt and a leather jacket that could keep off the wind. He had packed more clothes with him if he felt cold or needed to change. His belt held a pouch, and in that pouch was his two pokéballs; one for his Magikarp and the empty one that belonged to Growlithe (Though, Growlithe preferred to stay outside of its ball).

Once Jun had gotten dressed, he silently went downstairs to his kitchen and started packing food into his backpack. Growlithe silently followed its master, knowing this was a time to be silent. Besides; Growlithe was quite tired, but it knew that Jun was going away, and it wouldn’t even dream of being left behind. Surely Jun wouldn’t even allow it to happen. Growlithe was his best friend; he could never separate himself from it.

Once Jun had made sure he had packed enough food and water for at least a couple of days, he made his way outside. He shivered as the night air hit him, but he couldn’t turn around no matter how much the forest and the road scared him during night time. Growlithe was quickly by his side, urging him silently to move forward and reminding him that he was not alone. It made Jun smile, and he knew he’d be safe around Growlithe.

Jun gave his house a final look before he turned his back to his childhood home, his loving parents and Cherrygrove City and stepped on to his new and adventurous path.

Author's Notes:
Anyone who cares about Pokémon? Because I do!
I don't know if I will ever finish writing this considering it's going to be a massive fanfic, a fucking book if you want. But I don't know. I've been writing on this a bit, and I figured I liked doing it. Just gonna leave this here and we'll see what becomes of it.
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darkillercoolohoh on March 25th, 2013 05:51 pm (UTC)
OMG POKEMONNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! yes I'm a childish/hopeless/watever pokemon addict and arashi + pokemon sounds just like the perfect combination to me!
darkillercoolohoh on March 25th, 2013 06:13 pm (UTC)
gosh... i nvr had a gameboy or ds so the only bits of pokemon i've played were on borrowed DSes and later emulators... recently 'finished' platinum but i've nvr played heart/gold/sliver before! you certainly make me want to play them now XD
muohcu_tmuohcu_t on March 26th, 2013 01:30 pm (UTC)
Gold/SIlver/Crystal was the first generation I played and will always be my favourite :D